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Step 2 – Financing Your Home

Before beginning to search for properties, it is important to ask key questions such as:

  • Do I have enough money saved for a down payment and closing costs?
  • Do I have a steady job history?
  • Do I have an established and favorable credit profile?
  • Can I afford monthly mortgage payments for the house I want?

If you are able to positively answer these questions and get “pre-approved” with a lender, you will have a big advantage when submitting offers. As soon as you are reasonably sure the property is right for you, the process of obtaining financing begins. The choices of mortgages are as varied as the houses available. What may be perfect for you may not work for your neighbor. In general, mortgages come in three basic groups:

  • Fixed (30 year or 15 year)
  • Adjustable (adjusting monthly or yearly)

Fixed for a specific time and then becoming adjustable (3, 5, 7, or 10 year fixed and then adjusting is common)

Now more than ever financing is a critical component of most real estate transactions. Finding the best financing can be challenging for many property owners. There are many important decisions to make, including how to find the best lender, and how to know you are getting the best available rates and terms. Julia Zagatsky is an experienced mortgage agent and can sit down with you to discuss different financing options, get pre-approved and identify qualified lenders. Mortgage Calculators can also help you to see just what the costs would be to own your own home including the mortgage, taxes and insurance.

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